The EssentialClient web site provides employees with on-line access to their own personal benefits information, as well as information on Company benefit plans, provider directories, and more.. Employees can now enjoy the convenience of the Internet to enroll in benefits or make changes to benefit selections, make address changes, or maintain personal and dependent information.

EssentialClient makes it easier than ever to find information about your current benefits and to make changes during open enrollment periods or other times allowed by your Company benefit plans.

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Your Current Benefits

Have you ever forgotten what benefits you elected during the last enrollment period? Can't remember if you selected Single or Family coverage? Now, you can check on your current benefits at any time, 24x7, using EssentialClient

Just click on the Personal Benefit Statement button on the Benefits Home Page. All of your benefits in effect as of today will be displayed on the Employee Benefits Statement. Benefits which are still in effect but will expire are shown in gray. Benefits which will become effective in the future are in blue.

Need to check what was in effect 2 months ago before you made the last changes? Again, click on the Personal Benefit Statement button, then scroll to the bottom where you can enter an "As Of Date" to see what benefits were in effect as of a specific date.

You can also click on the Show History option at the bottom of the Benefits Statement page to see a complete history of benefit changes. However, please note that the history data started when your Company started using this web site, so the historical information is limited.

Need to change your address or other information? Need to make benefit changes? Click the Update button at the top of your Benefits Statement page.

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Changing Your Benefits

Generally, new employees who are eligible for benefits can enroll in benefits during an initial enrollment period specified in the Company's benefit plan. If your employer withholds your premium deductions on a “pre-tax” basis, then you can only make changes during open enrollment periods, or when there is a change in your family or job status. If your employer does not withhold your premium deductions on a “pre-tax” basis, then you can drop or reduce your coverage selections at any time during the year.  However, you can only add or increase coverage during the open enrollment periods, or when there is a change in family or job status. Please see the Summary Plan Description for more details.

To enroll in benefits for the first time, or to make changes to your current benefits, click on the Choose or Change Your Benefit Selections button on the Benefits Home Page. You can also access this Wizard from your Benefits Summary page by clicking on the Update button.

Once you have started the enrollment process, you must select a type of transaction that best fits your situation. EssentialClient will offer you different choices depending on your current status. For example, you may see different choices when you are a new employee than when you have existing benefits. If you access EssentialClient during an open enrollment period, you will have that option as well.

After selecting the type of transaction, you may be required to enter additional information, such as the reason for a family status change and the date of the event causing the change.

Every transaction requires a Requested Effective Date. In some cases, depending on the transaction, the date is calculated for you and you cannot change it. In other cases, it is up to you to specify the date you wish the change to become effective. Please note that your request must be approved by the Benefits Department and the actual effective date may differ.

After selecting the transaction type, click on the Continue button to enroll or make changes to your benefit elections. Just follow the instructions on each page, and click on the buttons at the top of the page as you complete each step. Use the Help button for more information (Click here to go there now.)

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Logging Out

When you log in to EssentialClient, a secure session is established between your computer and the web server. This session is maintained for as long as you are actively using the site and accessing information on the site. If you click on the Logout button, the session is terminated and your personal information remains secure at the web server. If you discontinue using EssentialClient for a period of time, you will be logged out automatically.

If you use a computer in a public place, such as a library, or at work where other employees can use the same computer, you should also be sure to close your browser.
Although no one can log in to the web server unless they know your password, it is possible for others to view web pages still in the memory of the browser on your computer.

To be safe, always log out and close your browser when you finish using EssentialClient.

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